Seven Sages

Ears, Eyes, Nostrils & Mouth, The God of the Seven Sages is Speech. ♡

I ♡…

I ♡ my little food garden. I can sit with my garden for toooo long! The Blogmeister is the Cryptic Quiet One.

Hmmm…wordpress…edit joy

I should be on the beach by the fire…

I am lighting a lil fire in my lazy brain…

Andy Williams, science teacher and writer of things, designer of online lessons for me to learn WP…sloooo n easy, just like Sloga…my favorite word for My yoga.


…now I have to listen again because it took five years to compose this magical gem of loving kindness…




I am sitting by the fire and typing and deleting. My favorite side dream as time slips away…Yoga & Thai Massage outside near a beautiful fire. Call it Sloga.


…is Slooooooooo